Thursday, September 20, 2007

still got the code dunno what todo with it.

Hello to any1 that reads this, yes I still have the code. No I havent touched it since 2005 so its prolly still embarrasing crap if you actually read through the code. Since I am done with wiicr I feel nearly ready to resume 1 of my 2 projects seriously for awhile. Its a tossup between the 5.0 rel (yes I know 4.0 is still in RC status) and obviously I am still hoping will generate me some additional income or at the very least be a nice resume padder. For distribution, I am seriously considering using a vm image, the obvious pros being that you do not need to setup a gentoo install to test. The other option was a livecd but well, its not to crash hot for demos as you cannot configure before hand.

If any1 can suggest a good software license that allows me the following:
1) open source
2) free for noncommercial use

Id really appreciate it - Im also after someweb space to host the vm image I will be throwing up soon.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

what is (pronouced sad-min dot P L):

A very ambitious project I took on late last year, basically aiming to serve as a drop in replacement for a windows 2003 server doing 1 or more of the following tasks:
  • dns server
  • domain server
  • ftp server
  • smb server
  • roaming profile server
  • wins server
  • active directory server (user and computer management)
  • mail server (never implemented, planned for 2.0)
Pretty much everything works allready, is @ version ~0.99. The interface is done through cgi and has thorough documentation through out. I stopped due to the frustration of writing code to double check user input (idiot proofing). Being such a huge project (~8000 lines written by myself) I lost intrest do to the boring nature of this programing (yes I do suffer a attention disorder :P). I also had to put the project on hold becuase while nearly finished and fully working the code honestly is a bit embarrasing, I hadnt done real perl coding for awhile so it was a real learn as I go approach and the code shows, all those 8000 lines are in 1 file.
Having had sufficient break from by writting the gui for I feel ready to take this challenge back on again also Ive relearnt alot of perl stuff I really should of being using in atm is not gpl, I was hoping to make some money off it honestly. Im not a greedy person but the amount of hours spent on this project and the amount still yet needed to bring about 2.0 (1.0 with few new features sitting on a self installing cd iso) is quite duanting.

Once I have reinstalled gentoo is I will resurect the project take some screen shots and display, see what the public thinks and any potential buyers. Intrest level will determine what license it takes on. Something like the freebsd license should allow me to have it opensource but still sell it which would be a nice compromise.