Thursday, September 20, 2007

still got the code dunno what todo with it.

Hello to any1 that reads this, yes I still have the code. No I havent touched it since 2005 so its prolly still embarrasing crap if you actually read through the code. Since I am done with wiicr I feel nearly ready to resume 1 of my 2 projects seriously for awhile. Its a tossup between the 5.0 rel (yes I know 4.0 is still in RC status) and obviously I am still hoping will generate me some additional income or at the very least be a nice resume padder. For distribution, I am seriously considering using a vm image, the obvious pros being that you do not need to setup a gentoo install to test. The other option was a livecd but well, its not to crash hot for demos as you cannot configure before hand.

If any1 can suggest a good software license that allows me the following:
1) open source
2) free for noncommercial use

Id really appreciate it - Im also after someweb space to host the vm image I will be throwing up soon.


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